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My name is Suze and I love to make things.


I was born and raised in California, went to high school in the deep south, got my BA in art history at a women's college in New York City, and recently finished up my postgraduate degree in design in London.  

Like me, my work doesn't always stay in one place: I have an equal affinity for print, web design, and handcrafted objects. While my design practice is rooted in a research-based process, drawing on other disciplines like literature, history, social justice, and beyond, my work is always playful, colorful, and a little bit (or a lot) feminist.

Before I was a designer, I was a zine girl, and my love for DIY media and self-publishing still drives a lot of my work. I make one zine a month, experimenting with different print processes and the relationship between text and image. My affinity for the hands-on, down-and-dirty zinemaking ethos was reflected in my design education, where I learned to hand-bind books, make boxes, and employ a variety of different printmaking techniques.

If you're looking for someone to help you make anything from bespoke books to business cards to websites to magazines, or if you're looking for a designer to collaborate with, I'm your girl.  




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